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Millets & Me

There is a great deal of interest in health foods for quite some time now. One of the major focus areas has been ‘organic food’. Among them millets have been talked about quite a bit. There has been detailed write ups about how rice and wheat are not native to India but millets are. India boasts of a wide range of millets, according to dietitians and agriculturists.

A range of millets from 24Mantra

  • So I set out to taste some of these. I started off with buying

‘Mixed Millet’ from 24 Mantra,

the right most one in the picture here.

  • Then, I tried Raggi Mudde from now closed Sree Krishna Chowki, on CMH Road, Indira Nagar.
  • Finally, I tried a North Karnataka Thali from the well renowned  ‘Nalpak’ in Rajaji Nagar. This included Jawar rotis, some thick Dal and a jet black preparation of Brinjal.

Here are my observations.

All millets are very bland to taste. And they are very dry. In fact, North Karnataka Thali is the only time I’ve eaten a meal with butter, ghee and curd in one go. We added Ghee while cooking Millet Upma at home. But anything added gets sucked up by the millet. Jawar roti is bland and no wonder you need a dollop of butter to chew it.  You need a gravy dish, not a semi liquid one to go with any millet dish. I need to soak mixed millet upma in rasam and find out how it tastes.

The flavour of any of the millets are no where near what one is used to with the range of rice we get in India or the wheat atta. I was hoping that millets would be close to oats, which we eat often. But disappointingly, I did not like any of the millet dishes I ate. Even from a healthy food fad perspective, they are a no go. Imagine something that tastes worse than sprouts.

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