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Thirunelli Temple- a photo essay

Thirunelli Temple- a photo essay

Thirunelli is situated in some of the pristine forest areas of Wynad district in Kerala state. This hamlet has just one standing structure of importance. The Thirunelli temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. You can read the Wikipedia entry here. Legend has it that Parashurama performed the last rites of his father Jamadagni here and to this date, Thirunelli is one of the few places in Kerala where last rites of departed souls is performed according to Hindu rites. The other places I know are Tiruvallam near Thiruvananthapuram,¬†Chelaamattom, near Perumbaavoor and Tirunavaya (between Kuttipuram and Tirur) in Malappuram district. Thirunelli is a pilgrimage destination as well as a trekking destination. Google ‘Pakshi Paathalam’ and there are several blogs on it.

These are some pictures I took two days ago when I visited this place as a pilgrim. The images are not hi-res as I used my mobile camera.


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